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Our audience today has moved from the theater to television and, now, to the Internet.  To be heard, you need to be seen on the world’s biggest stage.

This is why I have been a professional photographer, video producer, and marketing professional  for nearly 40 years, building up a large client base and a life time of wonderful memories to help myself and my clients not only to be read about or heard, but to be seen in the most creative, informative, and impressionable way.

My desire to use my gifts and talents for this purpose started in grade school.  Remember “show and tell?”  I always got bored when a classmate just told me about his trip to the beach.  I wanted him to SHOW ME about his experience.  SHOW ME sea shells, SHOW ME sand, SHOW ME pictures, whatever.  Don’t just tell me.

“Showing” today involves photography, video, and music.  This is why I specialize in these forms of communication so my clients don’t just tell it… they show it.

Links to Samples of Video Production


Armed Services YMCA Hawaii


Hawaiian South Shore Surf Botique

St Lukes

St. Luke’s Episcopal School


Graduation Tribute


“I Will Be Here”


Buckner Fanning Christian School

Miracle League

Miracle League of San Antonio


Buckner Fanning TV Spots

Morgans Wonderland

Morgan’s Wonderland, San Antonio

Tribute to 9-11


Tribute to my father, Buckner Fanning


Stephen Fanning’s Message & Final Video Tribute to his father, Buckner Fanning

Youtube Channel 

Facebook Web Page Design

An Example of one of a “Day-in-the-Life” Video Productions


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