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  1. Brenda Cheadle

    I remember hearing your dad speak of your adventures and those of your entire family over the blessed years we attended Trinity Baptist. Our daughters had been assigned to MacArthur HS due to it being under-enrolled, even though we lived near Churchill. Their football Pep Squad requirements interfered with their church youth group at San Pedro Presbyterian Church, so we told them to see what church the people they admired at their new school attended and we would visit. Well, it was Trinity Baptist and we were Presbyterians! We attended the Sunday after Christmas- and never looked back. What a profound effect your family and the “Trinity family” had on our lives. Jessica even graduated from Baylor because Buckner once said Baylor grads got extra “benies” (benefits) in heaven! Thank you so much for the youtube postings- after we moved we kept in touch through the cassette sermons and I still have some favorites. What a blessing Buckner was to our lives! In January we had “Women’s Sunday” at Fairfax Presbyterian here in Fairfax, VA. I was asked to preach, so I just channeled Buckner and received rave reviews. One person said you must be a well practiced public speaker- no, just a school teacher, but I modeled myself on the very Best pastor I’ve ever heard. My mother died in September at the age of 99; she was central to our lives for the last 13 years when she moved to be with us, so I know the mingled grief and joy you are experiencing. I’m glad to see you have dedicated your life to making us more aware of the beauty of God’s creation.

    • admin Post author

      Thanks Brenda, Sorry for the long time to reply… I’m figuring out my email through my website. Tech stuff. Anyway, thank you for your kind words and your experiences.
      God Bless,
      Steve Fanning

  2. Rebecca Ownby Smith

    Dear Steve & Cecily:

    This world was a better place because of Buckner Fanning. Now, heaven is joyful because one of His has come home. I want you to know how Blessed that we have been to have known your family. Buckner made such a tremendous impact on me and I am eternally thankful to have grown up in San Antonio during such a phenomenal era, surrounded by wonderful people, and have had the BEST preacher with the most wonderful family who has inspired all of us. I know that Buckner is in a better place, playing golf, talking again, and complete once more, however, I know how hard it is to not have your Dad here for you. Buckner loved his family so much and I pray that the Good Lord will give you peace and contentment. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Becky Ownby Smith (& Joel)


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